Cancel Zoom.
Ditch Skype.
Nix WebEx.

StreamClick is the live streaming solution you’ve been waiting for.

Expertly developed for broadcast professionals.

Everything You Need

Launch StreamClick

Use Any Device

Invite Guests

Stream Anywhere

Made for Broadcast Professionals

100% web-based

Stream to anywhere

Isolated recordings

Digital IFB

Built-in video switcher

Comes with Megaphone TV

Broadcast quality HD video

Use any device

Local recordings

Custom video layouts

Audio mixing

Unbeatable support

Go live with StreamClick

StreamClick is our live streaming solution for broadcast professionals.

Broadcast remote interviews no matter where your participants are in the world.

Broadcast quality video

Stop fighting with poor video compression.

Our HD video streams ensure your broadcasts look crisp and clean every time.

Stream from anywhere

Producing multi-location and multi-participant streams is now a breeze.

Use any device – from iPhones to studio cameras – to join your broadcast.

Stream to anywhere

Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, your website, app, or even on-air.

We’ve reduced the technical lift, so all you have to do is enjoy the show.

Isolated recordings

Record each participant’s audio and video feed separately to the cloud.

Capture every second of a stream so you never miss a moment.

Local recordings

Need maximum video quality?

Record each participant’s stream to their local device in high resolution. Automatically upload to the cloud when your stream ends.

Custom video layouts

Reorder, resize, and reposition video feeds in real-time.

Create custom layouts that match your broadcast and content needs.

Audio mixing

Need to boost the gain a bit? Want to hear that b-roll clip a little better?

Our built-in audio mixing tool makes it easy to make real-time adjustments to audio feeds.

Help each guest be heard no matter how good (or bad) their mic may be.

Digital IFB

With our built-in digital IFB, you can speak directly into the ear of any participant – just like in a live studio.

Let them know when it’s time to throw to b-roll or if there is any breaking news without impacting your broadcast experience.

Video switch like a pro

Ditch your big, expensive studio switcher.

With our built-in virtual switcher, you can seamlessly flip from multiple video feeds, b-roll, audio, and graphics.

Unbeatable support

StreamClick comes with unrivaled support designed to meet the demands of broadcast professionals.

Custom support packages are available to match your exact production needs.

Comes with Megaphone TV!

StreamClick comes with a selection of our most popular interactive audience engagement features.

Keep your viewers engaged with our real-time polls, trivia, audience reactions, and games.

Virtual production services

Our team of production experts can make your next stream a success.

We can quote on complete remote production services to handle everything from graphics, talent management, and technical direction.